5 Foods that help you have beauiful Skin.

Hello my dearest readers! It has been a long time since we last talked about beauty, but don’t worry. Today I bring you a subject important to all of us. Read about how this 5 foods help you have a beautiful skin. Έχει περάσει κάποιος καιρός από την τελευταία φορά που μιλήσαμε για ομορφιά, αλλά μην […]

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Skin Alert: Rest your feet

Hello guys! I had a conversation this weekend with another fashion blogger and she was telling me how much high heels are killing her sometimes. That was the moment that I though, that a very nice idea for a post would be to find a way to soften that pain! What do we need the […]

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DYI: Face Moisture cream

Hey guys!! It has been a while now since I first decided to start making my own facial moisturizer recipe in my attempt to go all natural for my face. I have been using some daily creams which were really good, but I am about to change that and I am going to share with […]

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Homemade Body Scrubs

Every woman wants and needs her body to be smooth and soft. Besides body lotions that most of us use daily, we should -once or twice a week- to also use body scrubs. There is a lot of that ready to buy in the market but I prefer to make my own homemade body scrubs. […]

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