How to nail your week: Wednesday!

Χωρίς τίτλο

Am I the only who suffers from the problem “Aw I have nothing to wear today?”
I think not.
I think that’s a part of being a woman, right?


Χωρίς τίτλο2.0Net-a-porter: Yves Saint Laurent Bomber Jacket (shop here)
Zara: T-shirt (shop here)
Zara: Jeans (shop here)
Net-a-porter: Chloe Shoulder Bag (shop here)
Net-a-porter : Alexander McQueen Leather Platform Brogues  (shop here)

Eng: Today, I’m feeling a little badass to tell you the truth and maybe it is because I listened to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds as I open my eyes in the morning. I am not sure of the reason, yet.
I will give you the exact taste of my mood below, through my suggestion.

Gr: Σήμερα νιώθω λίγο, αυτό που λέμε, “badass” και μάλλον ευθύνεται το γεγονός ότι ξύπνησα και άκουγα Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds και οκ! Δεν είμαι βέβαιη ότι αυτός είναι ο λόγος βέβαια, απλά it makes sense.
Θα σου δώσω ακριβώς την γεύση της διάθεσής μου παραπάνω, στην πρόταση μου.



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