Fashion Elegance starts from how you look at home

Χωρίς τίτλο

Hello my beloved readers,

I woke up today, feeling sick and thinking that I will probably won’t be able to attend the press preview of H&M’s Spring/Summer 2015. It is unfortunate though because I was really excited and thinking that I would take lots of pictures for you guys. But, I promise to take the photo material of the event and show you all the details tomorrow.

Anyway, as I am drinking my tea and honey, to make my voice smoother, the door knocked and it was some relatives. Off course I was happy to see them, but I had to welcome them in my pajamas and that was kind of embarrassing. I had completely forgot to change since I am busy coughing all day.

So, today’s post is basically about being beautifully cool when being at home. Just as it happened today, you never know who is coming home, especially if you don’t live alone.
Hope you enjoy!


Total Mango look
Total Mango look


Sweater, Tights @ZARA Shoes @MANGO Beanie @net-a-porter
Sweater, Tights ZARA
Beanie net-a-porter
Total ZARA look
Total ZARA look

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