Greek Fashion Goes Global

Greek Fashion

Lately I have been into learning more about Greek fashion designers that have made their statements and career abroad and let me tell you that I was surprised. I definitely knew that most of them are talented and for that reason, I thought it would be right to introduce you to my favorite Greek Fashion Designers.


I will start with the amazingly talented and well-known for her work, Mary Katrantzou. I am so proud to begin with this one, because she is such an inspiration. So Mary Katratzou, was born in Athens in 1983 and is now based in London, where she works. In 2008, she opened the Saint Martins graduating show. Her collection was nominated for the Harrods and the L’Oreal Professional Award and her first Pret-a-porter  collection was shown at the autumn/winter London Fashion Week in 2008. 

Her signature is themed around  trompe l’oeil prints of oversized jewellery featured on jersey-bonded dresses.
Her collections are now sold worldwide in over 200 fashion shops, in 47 countries. Katrantzou‘s work has been featured in publications including Vogue, Dazed&Confused and Grazia. In 2010, she was awarded the Swiss Textiles award, succeeding Alexander Wang.
She has collaborated with Longchamp and recently announced her collaboration with the famous brand Adidas ‘for the foreseeable future’. The collaboration will be on both clothing and footwear.

Mary Katrantzou


Now, another famous Greek Fashion Designer who was honored to dress superstars such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, is Mr. Vrettos Vrettakos. He is talented to what he does and lots of women in Greece dream to wear one of his pieces. His talent was also shown in Moscow and London Fashion Week.
Vrettos Vrettakos was trained in London at the Royal College of Art and has become, every since, well-known for pushing the boundaries of his own form of Haute Couture.
The women who are considered fashion icons by Mr. Vrettakos are Florence Welch, Rooney Mara, Tilda Swinton and Daphne Guinness.


Another famous fashion designer, both in Greece and abroad is Celia Kritharioti.She is a classic chic woman herself and her collections are all about the femininity. A lot of celebrities that we all know, have decided to go feminine by choosing to wear one of Celia Kritharioti’s masterpieces. I will tell you a few names to see if it rings a bell.
Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Paula Patton, Maria Menounos, Kelly Rutherford, Miranda Lambert, Kim Kardashian and of course the unforgettable Gwyneth  Paltrow for the cover of Vogue Mexico.

celia kritharioti

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