Homemade Body Scrubs


Every woman wants and needs her body to be smooth and soft. Besides body lotions that most of us use daily, we should -once or twice a week- to also use body scrubs. There is a lot of that ready to buy in the market but I prefer to make my own homemade body scrubs. They are affordable and made by ingredients that we all have at home.

So I decided to give you my top five of homemade body scrubs. Follow the instructions to the one you think is easier for you to make and you will see that i am right to suggest them.


No.1 : Sugar Scrub

This is probably the easiest one and it needs nothing more than just sugar and vegetable oil of your own choice. Make sure that when you out a spoon of oil, you need to put two spoons of sugar for the mix to be great and ready for use. Piece of cake huh?

No.2 : Scrub for Sensitive Skin

Now, if you have a sensitive skin, like me, i have to suggest you a great nourishing scrub. For this one you need three less simple than sugar scrub ingredients. Brown sugar, avocado oil and cucumber. The steps are easy, mix the sugar and oil first, blend a small (or medium) cucumber and then mix them all together. I absolutely assure you that your skin will be glowing after this one.

No.3 : Scrub with baking Soda and coconut oil.

So, this one’s ingredients are already in the title. All you need is baking soda and coconut oil and after you mix them, you can actually use them. Have no worries for using baking soda in your skin, because when you use it in combination with coconut oil, there is not going to be any effects.

No.4 : Invigoration green tea scrub

I bet most women out there love to drink green tea. Well now i give you a plus one reason to use it. All you need is a few table spoons of cold and strong green tea, mixed with a few more table spoons of white sugar and honey. You just created a “do it yourself” spa scrub in your house’s comfort.

No.5 : Strawberry Scrub for Bright Skin

Who doesn’t want a bright skin? I mean…Come on. Well i have just the right recipe for you and it is an easy one. Mix some almond oil with white sugar together with a few ripe strawberries and Voila! You scrub for bright and beautifully soft skin is in your hands. Awesome, right?


WARNING: Make sure to keep your leftovers in the fridge and use them within seven days



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