Pre-launch “Alexander Wang x H&M” party

Alexander Wang x H&M

The pre-launch party of the collaboration of Alexander Wang with H&M -that will officially land in stores and online, on 6th November-, happened last night in heart of Athens. The flagship store of H&M welcomed all the fashion lovers and the celebrities with an event full of fashion, music and drinks (sponsored by Famous Grouse).

“We wanted to inspire the world with the athletic style of the collection and show them that everyday clothes can be fashion. We are excited with the response of the people tonight and we want to believe that our clients will show the same excitement the day of the official launch”, said Mrs Dominique Fantaccino, Country Manager of H&M in Greece.

Personally, I was excited to hear that Alexander Wang was the collaboration face this year and as I saw last night I was right. The clothes were very nice and they can be considered fashionable even though they are athletic. I guess that other people also thought of that, because they were all shopping like they were running in a marathon, in order to make sure they buy their favorite items.


H&M event


Alexander Wang Collection
Famous Greek Fitness Star Eleni Petroulaki
Greek Band Onirama
Greek Singer, Eleni Foureira
Greek actor, Giannis Stankoglou
Greek Singer, Myronas Stratis
Greek actress, Athina Oikonomakou
Greek actress/show host, Jenny Theona
Journalist Nikoleta Ralli
Greek actor, Leonidas Kalfagiannis
Greek celebrity, Nadia Mpoule





Al Giga Dominique Fantaccino Dimitris Alexandrou
Al Giga
Dominique Fantaccino
Dimitris Alexandrou



Greek Blogger, Demi (me) of
Drinks from Famous Grouse
Me, myself and the Wangs

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